Easter is just one of those times a year when I feel obligated as a mother to sew.

retro easter 1

Aww! Look at Amanda’s mom! And she makes such sweet dresses too.

I blame my own upbringing, when my mom would sew me some super ruffle dress with pinafore and bows and hat and gloves….maybe I am exaggerating a little.

retro easter 2

Love the skinny legs in the tights! Or is it big tights in regular legs?

Or not. In years past I got away with minimal sewing….a bow-tie or two


Hee hee. Incidental egg dropage!


I think Char is missing some gloves here.

but this year I aimed to go above and beyond (and in turn, make life more difficult in years to come since I can no longer get away with just a bow-tie). Oh, and of course I started sewing the Tuesday before Easter. Gotta love a deadline.

Simplicity 2265

Hmm, I also bought this pattern months ago. Great minds…

I decided to go with simplicity 2265 from their project runway line.

I bought the pattern over a year ago because I really loved the petal bodice. I had yards of this plaid stretch twill from the clearance rack at Joann’s. I had already sewn some basic shorts for D and a top for C for it, but both are long outgrown. I do like sewing with it though….perfect amount of stretch, sews up nicely, no interfacing needed because it is fairly sturdy and doesn’t wrinkle too easily. I also had some white denim that I stole from my moms fabric bin for the trim. C measured a size 1/2 but I cut out a size 1 anyway. I would rather it be too big than too small.


Look at those cheeks! I know Char won’t drop any eggs :).

The dress came together pretty easily, except the ridiculous amount of hand stitching (the bodice to the waistband on the inside).


Hand stitching is pretty horrible. But have you cut off those fly away threads yet?

I only did three buttons on the back because I chose to use bigger ones than the pattern called for, and did the bottom band differently (I prefer it to attach like giant bias tape, instead of finishing multiple seams. I just really hate the look of seeing a hem on a bottom band…weird pet peeve).


“Mom, I can’t eat this. C’mon!”

I also changed up how the flower was supposed to go. I just used a strip from the selvage, gathered it, and hand stitched it into a circle. Then I hand stitched it to the dress with a button to cover the center.


Amanda dislikes ironing almost as much as hand stitching, almost.

Then it was time to figure out what to make Dexter. Our family does a ton of matching outfits. Because we can, because we like to hear gagging, because we want to have embarrassing pictures to show dates that come to the house when the kids are teens….


Is Doug pretend eating?

matching suits

Very matchy matchy. Love it!

I was deciding whether to do solid plaid pants (silly golfer style) or a solid color with plaid accents, but when I got my pattern pieces out it was going to be a really tight fit to make solid plaid, and that was without matching the pattern. So solid it was.



The hubby had generously cleaned out his closet and left me a giant bin of upcycling fabric, so I chose a pair of linen khakis to destroy. I used the Heartbreaker Pants pattern from Sewing for Boys. The reviews I read said the pants are pretty wide, especially in larger sizes, and I prefer a slimmer fit on my skinny man, so I put a pair of pants that fit well on the patterns pieces and decided to risk it and cut out an 18month width with a 4/5 length. The fit is actually really nice.


Char: “I dare you to put this in your belly button!”

The only other change I made was to not use button hole elastic and just use regular, but that was only because I didn’t have any, didn’t want to make any, and didn’t want to run to the store for the very last step.


Dex: “Mom, really, more pictures?”

I really love how they turned out!! Anyone else do coordinating Easter outfits? You don’t see that hubby and I matched too (no plaid, but complimentary colors). Did you allow yourself less than a week to sew for two kids, too?


I’ll do anything for a baby chick!

~ Amanda