I love Project Run and Play and was excited when they added the competition for those following along at home.  I do my best to try and get something done, but not always so successful.  This week’s challenge is to add details, and details definitely aren’t lacking in this one.  I’m a huge fan of Oliver+S patterns so I started with the After-School Pants as my launching point.  I had some blue chambray from the Lisette Collection at Joanns and decided to add piping in a peachy pink for some added interest at the yoke.  I used pre-ruffled trim instead of ruffling my own, and did a lot of top stitching.  The accent fabric is just some leftover twill from another project.


Hi! I’m super cute. Do you have a snack?

For the shirt, I went with the Carousel Top from the Sun&Surf Collection at Pattern Anthology.  I couldn’t find a print that I liked that would bring in that peachy-pink color of the piping, so I decided to try stamping some cream fabric (from a bamboo sheet set I bought on clearance at Target).  I added some textile medium to craft paint following the directions on the package and stamped a random design using a small circle stamp.


Rockin’ my sweet shades.

I wanted it to be a little heavier on the top and get lighter towards the bottom.  It wasn’t too bad and I think I’ll try stamping again.  Especially since I have a giant bottle of textile medium.   I like how the shirt turned out, it just didn’t fit over C’s head very well.  Not sure where I went wrong, but next time I’ll sew the button option instead.


I can see Char on American Gladiator one day.

She really loves it since it is so comfortable (the bamboo and chambray are buttery soft) and it protects her knees well for all the trouble she gets into outside.  She has some ridiculously skinned up knees under there 🙂


Love the pants momma! Now let’s work on that neck hole.

Anyone else follow Project Run&Play?  Or get their child’s head stuck in a shirt?