How is the weather where you live? It has been crazy here! Last week we still needed coats and gloves and this week we hit the 90’s! But I can’t complain. The cherry blossoms are blossoming and look beautiful. Don’t they just make you smile?


Ah, seasons. I hear those are nice.


The birds are out merrymaking, daffodils are popping up everywhere and there is so much freshness in the air. Spring definitely makes me happy. With the last frost (hopefully) behind us, we are ready to start our little garden. Last year was our first attempt to grow some veggies and boy did we learn a ton! This year we will be sure not to grow 10 zucchini plants because really there are only so many zucchini muffins one can eat! We’re taking a much more laid back approach and planting things in stages so we can harvest at different times. Here is a rough sketch of what we are planning on doing.


Very official. Turns out you CAN use geometry after high school.

So far we, umm, I mean my hubby, has cleared off our little patch and is getting it ready for planting.


I saw the before. Morgan earned a back rub.

The irrigation system needs to be rearranged a bit (more on that later) and the soil needs to be tilled. We did have some strawberry plants survive the winter though and we’re looking forward to some berries!


mmmm….strawberry ice cream is just around the corner….


Apparently you need more than one strawberry plant to actually make strawberries 🙂

In the meantime, I’m working on the window boxes!


Every good after needs a sad before, right?


Interesting light placement….

They look sad and depressing now, but soon we’ll have flowers and maybe some butterflies.

We had some friends over today and our littles were able to garden and play in the dirt.


“What Mommy? You want the dirt everywhere?”

They had so much fun scooping and pouring dirt! Nana sent us some seeds in Starr Lily’s Easter basket and I’m excited to see my little one take care of her own mini garden. We also planted some herbs in the window box near the kitchen window and a few pansies and geraniums in the hanging baskets.


Can’t wait to see it all done!

There is something so soothing and rewarding when you work your hands in some dirt and end up with something beautiful looking back at you. How is Spring time in your neighborhood? Have you grown your own garden before?