When Rae from Made by Rae announced the Spring Top Sewalong, I knew I was in. The first year, I wasn’t ready to sew for myself. The next year, I just never found the time, but bought fabric anyway like any good home sew-er would, so this year, I needed to make it happen.

I figured I would start off with something I had made before to make it more of an achievable goal. Butterick 5497, view B (the orange one) for the win.

I had made the pattern before from a light blue and white striped stretch poly knit, and though I loved it, and still do, the knit is starting to pill and it is not looking so glamorous anymore. At least I knew it was easy to sew up and very comfortable, so I was ready to tackle it again. I had some stretchy lightweight jersey in a dark charcoal in my stash that I used for a raglan t for Dexter, and was always so jealous of how comfy his little shirt was….


Super cute shirt!

…I wanted a comfy and lightweight shirt for summer too. Bonus that it’s not just a tank top, but I can still wear it in Florida heat without dying.

Time for some awkward self portraits….oh goodness…


It looks great! Where can I sign up for one?

I cut out a size 8 that tapered to a size 6 at the waist, and made a couple small changes. I finished the top neckline the same way as the back, with binding instead of a narrow hem.


I also just encased the elastic for the sleeves in stitching, anchored with a three step zigzag on each end instead of feeding it through a casing.


Knits are great for unfinishing hems!

Oh, and I didn’t hem the sleeves or waist…because it’s knit, and I don’t mind the ragged look.

So there are only 5 pattern pieces to the top and it sews up really quickly. Some tips for working with difficult slippery knits like the one I did…..

1. Use a ball point needle

2. Make sure you turn down the pressure on your presser foot

3. I sewed the whole top using a zigzag stitch to allow the fabric to stretch a little at the seams. Stitch length 3.5, width 0.5 on my machine.

4. I didn’t serge or otherwise finish any seams, since it is knit and you don’t need to.

5. I used a lot of pins, which says a lot since it is VERY rare that I break out pins.


Amanda is notorious for not using pins, ha ha.  A sewalong would be great!

Do you sew for yourself? Any favorite patterns? Want to do a sewalong of this one?