I love that our house has a nice large, screened in patio….but was not a huge fan how it looked. Apparently, outdoor carpeting to look like grass seemed like a good idea to someone, sometime. Here’s a glimpse of the before:


That astro turf looks sweet! Ha ha.

My amazing mother-in-law agreed to watch the kids for a weekend so Hubby and I could tackle tiling back there. I found some tile with a little grip to it at Home Depot (since the patio leads out to the pool, and there will be little wet feet running across it frequently).

Here’s some after shots:


Nothing like a little slick tile to keep the kids on their toes.

I sewed her that little outfit awhile back, after-school shirt and pants from Oliver +S 🙂


Target clearance is amazing, and eventually you could cover those cushions if you want to change it up.

I also found some new cushions on clearance at Target last year. The old ones weren’t bad, just very textured fabric that held in dirt well. I wanted to sew my own but after comparing the cost of foam and fabric to the clearance ones, it was an easy decision to save myself the work.


I love those Buckets!

We also added some shelving to hold bubbles, chalk, play-doh, dog leashes, and all the other stuff that seems to collect out on the patio (shelves and buckets from Ikea). The pool towels are stored on a shelf we got awhile back from Homegoods. I liked that we could hang a towel or two on it and still store all the clean ones. I blame the poorly folded stacks on my height.


Yay for ghosting!

Hubby scored a cheap TV from a coworker (it has some ghosting apparently) and mounted it on an articulating mount, so the TV can swing around and be seen from the pool, too. Great for football season 🙂 He ran the cable and power through the attic so we wouldn’t be tripping over the wires, too. We put in another Ikea shelf with buckets to keep us more organized and hold the cable box.


Easy clean up for those painting activities too!

The kids easel fits nicely in the corner. I love that it is double sided so that they can both paint simultaneously. I put some command hooks on it to hold their art smocks. You can also see what’s left of our garden in the background…in the before picture, it was just a wall, but hubby cleared out some old stumps and made a stepped wall to accommodate a garden, which was awesome until the chickens realized how awesome it was, too.


We also replaced the single fan and light with two more our style.


mmm, garlic

And I use the half wall to hold some potted plants (currently scallions and garlic).

We still have plans to paint the exterior of the house in the near future (it will go a little darker, slightly taupe perhaps?) and I have some more plants and rugs and other little details to add in, but so glad I’m done staring at that awful fake turf.

What do you think? Anyone else revamping the outdoor space now that it’s pool season? (well, it’s pool season in Florida at least….maybe not elsewhere…)