I have been mostly planning and cutting for KCW, so not so much to show for it.  I do have another try at the carousel top cut out in a really cute rainbow print and plan to make some Oliver + S shorts to go with it, and an ‘itsy bitsy spider’ outfit for Dex ready to go.


I did manage to get this dress together though.  I had seen this bicycle print at Joanns and fell in love, so bought it without a project in mind.  I wanted some sort of shift dress without having to buy another pattern, so I went with Peek a Boo Pattern Shop’s free Brooklyn Frock.


Let me just say first that I love the directions they have.


Each step is well explained and has a great picture to go with.  This is the first pattern of theirs I’ve sewn but that makes me want to try another.  I am not, however, in love with the fit on this on little C.


The shoulders are a little too wide, and it’s a little too narrow through the chest (which is really only an issue when you are putting it on her).  I really love the ruffled yoke, and Char is in love with the pocket, so I do think it will get worn.


I couldn’t find buttons I really loved to go with it, so I made some covered buttons out of the accent fabric (which is from the same line, it has pink poodles riding scooters with the Eiffel Tower in the background).  I thought it could use more of the blue/teal color so I cut the fabric circles from the teal scooters.


What have you sewn for Kids Clothes Week?