What?  Kid’s Clothes Week was two weeks ago?  Even though this outfit didn’t make it in during KCW, I did print out the patterns, cut the fabric, and think about sewing it back then so it counts in my book.


Better late than never!

I bought the Sun & Surf Collection from Pattern Anthology (now available for purchase separately) mainly because I thought the Coastal Cargos were amazingly awesome.  I’ve made the little man quite a few pairs of pants and shorts, but the details on these are ridiculous.  Welt pockets, cargo pockets, roll up legs, bias tape finishes on leg seams…oh and a working zip fly?!?  Admittedly, they did take me about 3 sewing days to finish, but I think it was worth it.  I imagine this will be a great pattern as he continues to get older (it goes up to a size 8) since they look like Ready to Wear pants, not so homemade.

I started with the shirt though.  I let Dexter pick his favorite from my knit stash, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider print won.  It was a tight fit on the scrap piece I had, but I made it work.  The pattern is unique because it uses facings instead of binding, so it’s a really good beginner shirt to sew up.  Necklines can be pretty difficult on t-shirts, but this one sewed up in less than an hour.


I need to give this pattern a try, but maybe I’ll choose the fabric ;)!

I used a twin needle for the neckline topstitching and for the hems.


I bought a twin needle over a year ago and haven’t tried it yet. It always look so good, but I’m such a chicken. Amanda, I need a tutorial!

You can see the facings here…and the tag I threw in since it is hard to find the front and the back on the hanger.

For the pants, I envisioned using black linen from a pair of Hubby’s old pants.  I searched for that abandoned pair…apparently they got tossed.  It was too late though….I wanted the black linen.  I spotted a super soft 100% cotton in the clearance bin ($1 a yard!) at a certain store that I normally don’t step foot into, but it’s close to my home and I needed bias tape that day…  Anyway, it felt just like the linen pants I had hoped to cut up so I bought it.  I wanted lightweight so he could wear them now but I cut a size 4 (he normally wears a 3) so that they would fit this fall, too.  They are a little big in the waist (I shortened the elastic called for, but maybe could have shortened it more) and the length is a little long, but both are things I’m okay with since I want some growing room.


Buttons were all stolen off of pants in the up-cycle bin, and accent fabric is scraps.  The zipper…


I very carefully stitch ripped a zipper out of an old pair of pants, and as soon as I was done, zipped it closed…and of course ran the pull right off.  Whoops.  Take two, I went through a pile of zippers I had (found a pile at a yard sale for $1) and went with a sea foam green.IMG_0541

Dexter of course loves the pockets.  Who knows what I’ll find in there on laundry day….


Must remember to check boy’s pants pockets when older.

I still have an outfit for Charlotte to finish up from KCW, but excited that I actually sewed something up for Dexter for a change.  Poor guy hasn’t gotten as much clothing lately since he has been overwhelmed with hand me downs from cousins.


Dex looks so dapper!

Anybody else buy the Sun&Surf Collection?  At what age do kids stop wearing homemade clothes?  Anyone else hate spiders as much as I do??