What do you want for Mother’s Day? Amanda and I were chatting today and reminiscing on all the things we were able to do before little people joined our lives. Here is a short list of things we (or any momma of toddlers or babies) would love for Mother’s Day:

1. A solo morning. Waking up on your own (perhaps in this delicious looking bed) without anyone poking at you and enjoying a nice, hot, long shower.

I imagine there is also a sea breeze that wafts gently through the windows…

2. A cup of coffee out without having to share with anyone. Throw in a scone and a book and I’m all set! (Click on the coffee for a recipe to a yummy coffee, orange body scrub.)

mmmm…..coffee without a 2-year-old jumping on my lap….delicious

3. Girls night out. Remember going out and getting all dolled up? Yeah, that was fun. Add some adult conversation with your friends and a glass of wine to really live it up!

I’m sure this women’s small children are just cropped out of the shot

4. Shoes. Pretty shoes! Maybe just a trip to the mall to window-shop shoes. Who am I kidding, a solo trip to the mall would be great! I wouldn’t even need to buy anything!

I’m also content with just trying one pair of shoes without having to stop and provide a snack

5. Have someone else be in charge of schedules, snacks, food, meal time, boo boo’s, and an occasional “Hi love, you’re doing a great job!” would be amazing.

I’m sure this is exactly what it looks like when Doug is watching the kids without me around

Best part, they are all FREE! (wink wink, dads)

Want to take a claim on these freebies mamas? Here is a little coupon book Starr Lily and I came up with. It’s cute and slightly cheesy, but she loved doing it with me!

First I took a sheet of construction paper and folded it into 6 equal pieces: one title page and 5 coupons.


Then I wrote the coupons and gave them to Starr Lily with some crayons. She drew some circles and asked for help drawing triangles, rhombuses (rhombi?), and hearts. It must be all that math love she inherited!


Add a bow and done!


Yup. Drea just made her own Mother’s Day Present and pretended that Starr Lily did it 🙂

Dads, get ready to have these cashed in, duh duh duh…

Happy Mother’s Day!