I really like the idea of decorating my front door with a pretty wreath. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy coming home. Almost like having someone with a smile greet me at my door. However, this is what I’ve been coming home to:


“rustic” 🙂

Not great. Actually, it is almost depressing! I made that little wreath a year ago and it has slowly been falling apart. The pine cones came from our yard, but as you can see, only a few have survived and others are ready to jump ship!
I finally got around to taking it down and putting up another one. I love the look of pretty felt flowers and looked up some inspiration on pinterest. Now that spring has sprung, I decided a yarn covered wreath and a few flowers would brighten up the door. I had an old styrofoam wreath, covered it in some beige yarn (only because that’s what I had on hand) and looked up how to make some felt flowers. I always have a few felt pieces laying around and went with blue, yellow and grey flowers. I used this tutorial for the blue one a this one for the other two.
Now all I had to do was put it together. I was going to hot glue the flowers on, but then I thought I could just change out the flowers to give the door a new look. So I took some thread and I sewed them on. Let me tell you, sewing onto yarn is not an easy thing. It was cumbersome and if you look closely you can see where I looped the thread around, because it kept breaking through the yarn.


anything that involves breaking out a needle and thread makes me cringe a little, so kudos to you!

I finally got it put together, found some ribbon and put it on the door! Kinda cute, no? I’m not liking the green command hook though. How do you hang up your wreaths?


simple and sweet-love it!

It’s a little simple, but I love it anyways, and will have a little smile on my face every time I come home.

I’ve been thinking of painting our front door a fun color too.  Any suggestions? What’s on your door?