I can’t believe my little guy is 5 months old!


Ah! Those eyes!! Love him!

Aren’t those cheeks adorable? I kiss on them so often, that Starr Lily repeatedly tells me, “don’t eat him mami!” It is too cute. Stone is so much more aware now and hitting all kinds of new milestones. Last month he found his hands and now he is actively grabbing things and holding on to them… sometimes, haha! I’m pretty sure those pesky teeth are starting to make an appearance too since the drooling is in full force now.
A few weeks ago I bought Stone this little wooden teether whale and he can hold on to it, chew on it, but every so often, it goes flying. I decided I wanted to make one of those toy/paci/cup tether strappy things so it doesn’t go on the floor. (Do they even have a real name?) I found this one on etsy and really like how it looks, but I wanted it to have a clip that I can attach to his shirt too. So I made my own!


Do you want to make one too? It was super easy.  I had some fabric on hand, but I did make a quick run to Joann’s.  This is what you’ll need:


3″ by 24″ piece of fabric

1/4″ elastic cut into a 12″ piece

suspender clip

snaps (or velcro)

teething toy

Step 1: Fold the fabric in half, right sides together and press.

Step 2: Pin one end of the elastic to the raw edge of the fabric.  Measure halfway down the elastic and half way down the fabric, pin those together on the raw edge as well.


Step 3: Secure the elastic to the end of the fabric first.  I backstitched a couple of times to make sure it was secure.


Step 4: Sew the elastic on to the fabric by pulling it taut as you go.


a zigzag stitch is great for this!

Once you’ve sewn a little piece, guide it out the back, keeping the elastic tight.


This is what you should have now:


Step 5: Arm yourself with some patience and maybe a glass of wine, and flip the fabric right side out.  <–or steal someone’s bodkin (-Amanda)

Step 6: Fold the raw edges in and stitch those down.  Back stitch these well since this is where most of the action will take place and you won’t want it to unravel.


Step 7: Slide in the clip and sew it down.  You could Velcro it or put snaps in, but since I don’t plan on moving the clip, I skipped on the snap.


Step 8: Add the teething toy and snaps on the other end. (Maybe get your little helper to help)


And that’s it!


great idea!! And you can unlatch that toy and add a sippy on when he’s past the teether stage and more into the ‘let’s throw the cup to see mommy have to get it 100 times’ stage!!

This little whale is sure to stay with my little guy now.

I’d love to see how yours turn out!