We’ve been working a little at a time on the garden and it’s looking great. We even have a few strawberries!


mmmm….any problems with birds?

Thankfully we’ve had some rain so we haven’t worried too much about the irrigation system.  We’ve just been watering everything on the dry days.  Have I mentioned that we have a couple of rain barrels? Our county offers a great program where you can pay a minimal fee and they help you build a rain barrel (all supplies included). I’m glad we have them! After dinner, Morgan and Starr Lil’s fill up their watering cans and water everything in the garden, plus all the planters around the house.  I love to look out the window and see them playing in the dirt, pulling up weeds.

But watering the plants by hand every night isn’t always feasible so we finally got around to laying down the irrigation system!


Charlotte would love to come ‘help’ and remove all of your flags!! 😉

It looks a bit like a construction site, no?  Ha ha, those flags are pretty handy for labeling our seeds though.  We used 2, 75 foot soaker hoses in the garden. It was what was recommended on the packaging and after laying down three hoses last year we thought we might follow directions this time!


They connect very easily and then all we had to do was put a 150 foot hose from the house to the garden.


Morgan–run a trench and some pipe!!

Did you know you can buy a timer for your hoses so you don’t  even have to turn it on? It’s like magic! Seriously the best garden invention ever.


I agree, magic. We have one for our garden too and it’s amazing.

You set the time you want it to run and  bam! Done. On rainy days we just make sure to turn off the timer.

The tomato and been trellises went up too.


Last year we waited too long to do this and had tomatoes all over the ground. The little plants are getting bigger – I hope we gave them enough space. It doesn’t look like the peppers are coming in, so we might use that space for some volunteer tomatoes that are springing up now. I’m excited to have lots of tomatoes this year and try out some canning for next winter.

Our flowers are also growing beautifully. Starr Lily’s little garden keeps growing and the hanging baskets are so pretty.


In love! I need some of that chartreuse in my baskets…

And here is our first harvest!



Some yummy strawberries and herbs!
There seem to be a ton of slugs this year too. Any tips on managing those little critters? I’ve heard coffee grounds work, but they also change the ph of the soil so I’m looking for a better alternative.

The garden is more or less on autopilot now.  We weed occasionally, harvest if things look like they’re ready and wait for some goodness to sprout.  How is your garden doing?