We live in what can only be described as a fixer upper and we have tackled a lot of spaces so far, but the kitchen and bathrooms are now the only rooms left on the list. Fear and finances had prevented us from taking on Operation Rid the Ugly in those rooms so far, but now that everything else is pretty much how it should be it’s time to put on our big boy/girl pants and make it happen.

No remodel is complete without super horrible before pictures, so let’s start there. So many people say “Oh my bathroom is so ugly…” and I just would nod and smile. They had no idea what was behind closed doors at our house. Luckily this is the en suite master bath, so it has been hidden away from pretty much everyone that comes to visit.


Why does your bathroom remind me of Martin Scorses’ Casino??


We have been ripping so much tile out of this house since we moved in, but this master bath tile has got to be the worst. 3 different original tiles, one horrible patch job, some tile in the shower is held on with packaging tape…and all.that.grout….Oh yeah, and how awesome is that wrought iron? Who is jealous yet? And that shower is actually supposed to double as a bathtub, for those who want to bathe in a tile pit. Some sort of Grecian tub I’m told? What it really means is that we have to step down to get into our shower, and there’s a random bath spigot.


The countertop flakes off. Constantly. I think someone must have left a curling iron on for three days or something. Amazing the house didn’t burn down.


360 mirror action – suweeeet!


Yup, dual sinks are a plus. That many mirrors? Not so much. And I know the only thing you are thinking now is how much you want a closer look at those lights….


Oh, yeah. The antique bronze highlights the crazy pineapple texture I think. Someone told me it reminds them of an old church in there.


That step did Morgan in the first time he walked into your bathroom. I believe he went flying and landed in the awesome pit of a shower/tub. Too bad all the tile blends in and you can’t really tell until it’s too late.


But this step has got to be the worst. It took a long time to get used to. Picture it….middle of the night, get up to use the restroom, stumble in the darkness…bam, trip on that step, headfirst into the iron hand rail. No fun. Heading into the project we were pretty sure it would have to stay, but now we are hopeful we can level things out and not have our throne on a pedestal….


The last remaining wall is just lots more tile. We’re looking forward to not seeing all of that anymore. Why was it so popular to make a tile box back in the day?


Doesn’t really fit in with the awesome 80’s look…


This is the only thing that will stay. We replaced the toilet less than a year after moving in because the original one (that was 30 years old) was that bad. I couldn’t even tell what color it might have been originally. Plus it seemed like a kiddy toilet it was so comically small.

I do have pictures of all the mold that never would clean off, despite many hours of me scrubbing with everything Pinterest promised me would work….or the fact that the larger vanity is mostly for show, because at some point the sink must have leaked a lot and the whole bottom rotted out….

As you can imagine, this is a complete gut remodel. We are not repurposing anything. Oh how I wish we could, but there’s no way I’m keeping that tile…or the busted vanities, rusted sinks, tarnished faucets…sigh. Stay tuned…we are ripping this baby down to the studs and going to have a nice pretty shiny bathroom soon. And doing ALL work ourselves. For around $2500. Hopefully I can maintain some sanity along the way.