Father’s Day is upon us once again.  I think it’s no coincidence that it immediately follow’s Mother’s Day.  It’s still fresh in our minds if our husbands did something amazing or completely forgot.  Or did the ever popular “It’s Mother’s Day!  I’m going to go golf/boat/sleep in the hammock so you can spend time as a mother….you’re welcome!” or decided that they needed to do nothing to celebrate you as a mother because “You’re not my mother.  The kids are supposed to do something for you, not me” as my child stares at me with what I’m sure is the “I’m loading up my diaper with something special just for you” face.  But not all husbands are like that, and I refuse to call mine out right now and let you know which scenario(s) described our Mother’s Day around here.  Instead we move beyond that, and have the kids make something cute for Daddy for Father’s Day.

For past holidays, I’ve had the kids make cards or artwork, but Doug would literally throw it away the same day.  Sad, really….but what do you do with artwork anyway?  It can pile up pretty quickly.  The other popular gifts don’t really apply either, Doug does not wear ties, and one can only own so many “World’s Greatest Dad” shirts.  Instead, we here at Deriving Mommyhood decided that a luggage tag would be a good idea.  Both of our husbands travel sans family for work fairly regularly, or haul a briefcase around at all times.  A small token to hang from their bag would be a sweet reminder of the children back home….and THEN we ran across this idea over at Meet the Dubiens.  So. Cute.  I decided to merge the two ideas….

So I started off filling out the questionnaires with my kids.  Now I realize they are both a little young for this, but it was still fun.  Here’s where we got:


This actually looks like Doug!


“hee haw hee haw!” lol

Dexter says he drew Pirate Daddy.  And for the record, Doug has only ever cooked them pancakes (and they are great) so not sure where they got their answers there.  Also, Dexter hasn’t played trains in months but apparently it was fresh on his mind today.  I do think it’s funny that some of Charlotte’s answers make more sense than Dexter’s though.  For her drawing, she says that vertical line is “Tall Daddy” and the line coming from it is his arms.  He must have really long arms in her mind.

Anyway, from there, I copied the questionnaire at 35% on my printer, cut it out, glued both to either side of some scrap cardstock, laminated it, and put a ring on it (I know you just sang the song in your head.  admit it).  And it became a luggage tag!


Wish you lived closer so I could borrow your laminator!

Now it’s all wrapped up and ready for Doug’s next trip!


Now he can always find his bag!

What do you do to celebrate Father’s Day?  Do you let Mother’s Day dictate how it will go?