This is the second post in a journey to demolish an ugly bathroom and make it beautiful (and more functional).  I started out our bathroom remodel while Doug was at work by cleaning out all the cabinets and getting us all set up to use the second bath.  I’m actually a little happy that Charlotte isn’t potty trained (or training) right now so there’s less of a line for the one bathroom we have left.  We are also working on convincing Dexter to flush on occasion now.  When Doug got home from work and saw the clean slate, we were ready to jump right in and remove the gigantic mirrors (which were just barely attached o.O) and the vanities (that he hacked up with a circular saw.  Not sure that it was necessary to do it that way or he just wanted to cut stuff up.  I set aside things that I could take to Habitat for Humanity ReStore as we went (the ceramic soap holders, medicine cabinet, sink faucets…so not the best stuff out there but I felt pretty awful tossing EVERYTHING in the room) and the rest got tossed in a truck that we borrowed from a friend (Thanks, Monique!  Doug already misses it).  We carefully removed the toilet and put it in the garage to go back in later (instructing Dexter that he can’t use it in the meantime….).  From there Doug took over and carefully removed attacked all of the drywall with a hammer.


Woo hoo!

Luckily my Mother-in-Law decided to pay us a visit to watch the kiddos while Doug and I made great weekend progress.  I begged, but she didn’t want to stay until the project was complete.  A lot of the furring strips (I looked that up a few times, really thought it was firring) had to be removed and replaced because they were moldy or rotten, and Doug added in some strips of 1×4 so that we could mount all of our cabinetry without worrying about studs.  Such a smartie sometimes.  There was a ridiculous amount of cursing as he drilled into the concrete block, enough that his mom even came in and yelled at him.  Had she had soap handy I think she would have washed his mouth out….


Aww, I remember that little shop vac. Doug helped Morgan install new floors a while back and that little vac was there too help too.

I removed the weird diagonal wall, (imagine me flexing my reciprocating saw muscles….the plan as of now is to make that corner into a linen closet) and we dry walled that portion of the ceiling so as to contain the cockroach poop avalanche, then I assembled all of our cabinetry (the Hemnes series from Ikea) so that we could try it out in the space and figure out where things would go.  Good thing I build a lot of Lego models with Dexter….Ikea cabinetry was pretty much the same. Doug ran new electrical so that we could have a light over each vanity…and when we turned them on, we realized that it was not enough light.  Don’t tell Doug, but I’m also not 100% sure I like the lights we picked…what do you think?  Maybe I’ll have to wait and see after everything else goes in.  We forgot how dark the shower was and how great it would be to have a light in there….so another trip to the store and we had two recessed lights to install for some more light.


He’s kind of like R2 D2, no?


(They didn’t have the shower trim kit in stock that we wanted for the light, so that will go in when we get to a store that has it)

Doug added some more electrical boxes too so that he could have an outlet near his vanity and we could have outlets underneath to plug in some under cabinet lighting.


(Imitate R2D2sounds here.)
Beep beep beep bop?


I spent Monday cleaning up the space from all of our work and installing some insulation (since three of the walls in the bathroom are exterior walls).  Great progress so far, even if it doesn’t look like much yet.


I say you build a closet for R2D2 here.

Next up, wrap the room in vapor barrier and install new dry wall and concrete board.  We will also take on ripping up the floor (and hopefully remove the step–we originally thought it was poured into the concrete slab, but noticed during demolition that it’s concrete block on top of the sub floor…should be removable!)  Once the floor is out and dry wall is up it will come together pretty quickly I think.  Or at least look better as we go since it will be new stuff going in instead of old stuff left behind.  And less dusty.  I sound pretty awful from breathing in all that yucky dust.

What do you think?  What would you have done with that corner?