The kids’ room has been an ongoing project for… well, since we moved in almost 2 years ago! I wish I had a before picture to show you, but I’ll just say that the beige motif of the basement was in the bedrooms too. Everything was beige. Walls, ceiling, carpet, closet doors, trim, closet hinges, windows… everything. And we love color! At least we had a clean slate to work with. The very first thing we did was pull up that carpet and found beautiful wood floors underneath. We had those refinished and stained a rich dark brown before moving in and that was the. best. idea. ever. No dust to deal with and they were done in 4 days. Amazing!

During my “nesting” phase while preggers with Stone I just HAD to get this room the house painted. Isn’t it funny how these moods just hit you?! I knew I wanted to use Anne Marie Horner’s fabric from The View Along the Way’s nursery for the curtains. Isn’t her nursery super cute? I wanted stronger colors on the walls though and went with a blue and a green(or is that more yellow?) from the fabric. I felt it was still a bit girly without screaming girl’s room! I ended up going with Sherwin William’s nugget and the blue I can’t recall and had no left over paint to reference. It might have been Watery, but I’m not sure. Anyways, I love the color combo and the plan is to use corals and blues and yellows and browns for accent colors.


so bright and cheery! Love those hooks.


With all the crazy color going in there the furniture had to be white. Since the plan was for the kids’ to share this room we looked for a bunk bed and got a great deal on a Craigslist find.


The armoire we had from before and is super useful since we have little closet space and the little dresser was a Craigslist find as well! Can you tell we’re sort of obsessed with Craigslist?


I’m a sucker for that look. Your kids room will match my bathroom cabinets 😉


The changing table is still in there, but I’m thinking of selling it soon. Space is a limited commodity in our house and oh yeah, the hubs accidentally ripped the door off with the cargo pockets on his pants. (I told him those went out of style years ago!)


Yup, I think it can go.


And that’s it! I have lots of plans on how I’d like to finish decorating:

  • we have some hooks for bags and sweaters at Starr Lily’s height already, but I want to make more things easily accessible for her (ie, shift clothing to lower drawers she can reach in)
  • curtains
  • incorporate birdcages, maybe over the armoire and clear off all the stuff up there now
  • some sort of bin to hold the stuff animals currently on the top bunk
  • a mobile for Stone
  • a pretty handmade quilt (or two)
  • some artwork (did you see my Pinterest “yarn S” fail on the changing table?)
  • under bed storage for extra books, or something on the wall in the bunk bed
  • change the fan lighting
  • maybe a rug

I hope to have some mini projects completed and get this room in shape! How do you all decorate your kids’ rooms? What do you use for inspiration?