The part I was dreading about this remodel the most was what I like to call Dustmaggeddon. Flashback almost 3 years ago, Doug ripped up the tile in our living area. There were three different tiles on the floor in one room, reminding me of a tile showroom through the decades (since of course none of them coordinated with each other in any way). Doug just got it into his head that he should take up the tile and brought in an air chisel and went to work….without covering any furniture, or even closing the laptop. EVERYTHING was covered in a thick layer of black dust throughout the ENTIRE house. I moved out for a few days so I could breathe (I was pregnant, Dexter was 1….neither of us were so good with this process). It was probably a week of chiseling and then 2 weeks of cleaning (with tile installation in the middle). But I expected better this time since Doug knew we were going to prepare for the tile rip up. I start making dinner and then I hear it….the air chisel. He had said it was a few days away, but apparently changed his mind. My whole bedroom was quickly covered in the dust, but luckily it was localized to the bedroom. Since then, I’ve managed to clean it all up and he has found a better way to remove the tile without creating such a disaster (renting a tool from Home Depot that does a better job with less mess), but I still feel like I can’t breathe very well. Sigh.

Big progress since the last post though is that ALL the tile is up. The whole step up to the throne is gone now. I still shuffle my feet walking in there anticipating the step though. The shower tile is also gone, as well as the triangular step that was in there to reach the pit. I’m freaked out by the shower a little but Doug assures me it will look great. We finished up the foam board insulation and then Doug wrapped the room in vapor barrier…next up was a day of me cleaning up tile mess and we started installing concrete board and dry wall. Oh wait, back up a little. Before the room got wrapped Doug decided to change up the electrical a little so that the vanity lights are on a different switch than the recessed lights (SO GLAD he did that). We wanted to in the first place, but since the recessed lights were an afterthought it was a little more difficult than it would have been had they always been a part of the plan.

I made a diagram with measurements of all the wood boards on the walls before we covered them up so they would be easy to find when we needed to screw into them. It came in handy as we hung all the drywall, and it will be nice as we install everything else too.

Doug spent the weekend building the corner linen closet and finishing up the drywall work….lots of mud and sanding, as well as skim coating the shower ‘tub’. Not sure the proper name for that since its not going to be a pseudo tub anymore, but is still a step down…well? Chasm?  Trench? He also redid all the plumbing shutoff knob dealies and drains (they have to sit more flush to the wall with our cabinets) and put in a new toilet drain since it had to be lower with the step gone. Next up, tile! Any wagers on when it will all be done??  Here’s some bad iPad pictures since Doug has taken both our camera and back up point and shoot to work and left them there.  Awesome.