I’ve always liked the idea of having smoothies for breakfast, but for one reason or another (mostly it’s just washing the blender) I don’t really get around to making them.  Well, that’s all going to change! Starr Lily really likes to drink her smoothies so I decided I would start off easy and make at least one smoothie a week.  Want to follow along?

Here are some of the basics I almost always have on hand for delicious smoothie making: chia seeds (full of yummy goodness with a fun texture), flax seeds (full of omegas) and hemp seeds (great source of protein) and for the base, orange juice and/or almond milk with some Greek yogurt.


To change the flavor and the color I mix up different “add-ins”.  Add-ins can vary from bananas, to kale, to strawberries, to spinach, to kiwi, to almond butter, to mango – you get my drift, almost anything you might already have on hand.


I don’t really measure anything, just a handful of this a sprinkling or three of that. There is lots of tasting that goes on throughout the smoothie making process and you want to know the best part of it all?! If I made too much and have leftovers, I pour the extra smoothie into Popsicle molds…


and voila! instant healthy dessert.


I sometimes often daydream about the day I’ll own a vitamix, but until then I’ll keep entrusting my little kitchen aid blender to whip us up some good smoothies.

So here is our smoothie for this week:

1 banana (leftover from yesterday’s snack)

1 avocado (looked like it needed to be eaten today)

strawberries (decided not to add them in last minute)

handful of spinach

1 mango

some flax seeds

some chia seeds

some hemp seeds

orange juice (just a little left on container)

almond milk

greek yogurt

I usually start with the leafy stuff fisrt so the blender can really break it down: throw in spinach, and oj.  Then add the rest!


I liked the green color it had going on, so we munched on the strawberries instead. Just throw it in a glass, top with a straw and enjoy!


Yum! This one was Starr Lily approved.  What do you like to add to your smoothies?