Our garden is growing like, well, like a weed, haha.  We went away this last week for a few days and came back to this:


Those sunflowers are c.razy! They’re actually blocking our tomatoes a bit, so we’re planning on moving the little guys out from underneath the mammoth sunflowers to get more sun.  But we’re not talking about our garden today.  We’re talking about the “other” garden.  Last year we started a compost pile near the other side of the yard that had a bit more shade and just threw in all of our grass clippings, leftover veggies, egg shells, leaves, oranges, avocados, coffee grounds, peals, everything. And just let it do it’s thing.  We don’t really do anything to it, except maybe toss it once a year? Well, color us surprised when plants started growing from it!


‘native plantings’ love it.

We have some gorgeous squash/zucchini looking plants. Some tomatoes and maybe a pumpkin?


it’s like a surprise every time you harvest!

And we already started harvesting and the squash is yummy!  So note to self for next year’s garden: Don’t worry about planting time, starting seedlings, hoses and irrigation set up, weeding, and weeding some more, and soil tests.  Just throw some garbage out in a pile and let it grow!


Do you have a compost pile? Want to help us weed our “real” garden?