Ready for the smoothie of the week? I was looking through our leftover fruit this week and all I could see was squash! I’ve heard about putting broccoli and other veggies in smoothies so I thought, why not?!


It turned out pretty yummy! We went with a more tropical flavor:

frozen tropical fruit blend

fresh kiwi that was getting wrinkly

coconut water flavored with peach and mango

our regular seeds

one squash and a mini zucchini


great idea! squash is mild and sweet so I bet this was delicious 🙂

I blended the squash first with a little coconut water to get it to break up really well and then tossed in the rest.  The consistency was great, but there were still some chunks of mango at the bottom.  And you would never be able to tell there was squash in there! I want to give some to the hubs and have him figure out the secret ingredient, haha, he sure won’t guess it!


I love the speckles from the kiwi seeds and the flax seeds too.  Would you try squash in a smoothie? What other veggies can we throw in smoothies?