It’s starting to look like a bathroom!! Last weekend, Doug finished all drywall work (sanding and texturing, mostly), painted (porter paints felicity, it’s a shade lighter than what’s going on in the adjoining bedroom), and tiled the floor!!! He worked on the shower basin throughout the week, but really wanted to get the rest of the room mostly done so that it can be a half bath while he finishes up the work in the shower. I spent last Monday painting trim and closet doors so that they would be ready to install after Doug got home from work so that the cabinets could go in. It was nice to have the space in Charlotte’s room back, too, since they have been assembled and sat in there for a couple weeks. The medicine cabinet for above my vanity is not in stock right now so we are just going to have to wait on that.  The end is near!!  Here’s the backlog of pictures that should have appeared earlier had Doug not stolen the camera….


Protection against tile dust…


glad to see that tile gone.

Floor removal in process.  Such a gross mess.


The boys sure do love their power tools!

Doug and his favorite power tool.  Luckily it was a rental….he’s notorious for expanding his power tools during every project.


Wrapped up like a present!


The water vapor in the shower.  Looks nice in hot pink, right?

So as I said, I spent last Monday painting the closet doors…and Doug announced that maybe we should change our mind about what we put there, and unfortunately I agree.  Originally we were going to put a 6 panel bifold door that matches the other doors in the house, but maybe a curtain would be better.  My main objective for that spot is to house the dirty laundry hamper, so having a curtain would make it much easier to access (I imagine a pile of dirty laundry on the floor in front of the closet door since it would be too much for Doug to open the door AND put it in the hamper) and it would give me a chance to put some print and color in there.  I’m thinking a modern floral with grays/yellows/blues on a white background…actually Braemore Gazebo Cloud…what do you think???)


Can’t wait to see how you close this up.

The closet….I have some nicely painted closet doors for sale now….

View from the bedroom looking in…I like the lighter shade against the darker.  Ignore the huge mess, and Doug’s oops on the ceiling paint…


It’s starting to look like a real bathroom!


Almost finished! And it looks great.


Wall tile going up….as of me writing this, it’s all tiled and grouted (except for the bullnose up top, since I ordered the tile to go all the way to the ceiling and Doug has gone against my wishes and stopped it at the blue…so we needed more trim tile and less wall tile.  I begged for it to go all the way up, but he said no ‘because I painted and textured up there.’  Boo.)  The sinks are fully installed and functioning, as well as the toilet.   The wall tile looks more white and less variegated in person.  And there will be glass mosaic on the backsplash in the next update hopefully 🙂

I give it another week!!!  Woohoo!!  Well, we will have to order the shower glass, so maybe there will be a completely done post in a few weeks….we shall see.  What do you think??