So the smoothie this week isn’t really a smoothie.  It’s more of a pudding, but still jam packed full of good fats and yummy flavors.  A few months ago, there was an avocado-chocolate pudding going around pinterest and it was amazing! Anything with chocolate and honey can’t be bad. Well, I wanted to use up some avocados and whipped us up some pudding.  It is super easy to make! We use three ingredients:

2 avocados

cocoa powder



Throw the avocados in the food processor, add a couple (few) tablespoons of cocoa powder and honey to your liking (we like it sweet) and blend.  Give it a taste,


(or three) and maybe add some more honey.  Taste again on some raspberries for good measure. I just love those chocolate covered little lips!


The pudding straight up is amazing, but I really wanted to freeze it and see how some Popsicles would come out.


Pretty yummy lookin’, no? Starr Lil’s thought it was tasty!


And gobbled it up! I do like to eat these outside and a bonus to these pudding pops is that in this 90 degree heat they don’t melt quite as fast as our other Popsicles.

On a side note, the garden got a much needed weeding and check out our harvest! (Upon reading this, the hubs insisted I give him more credit, haha.  He was out there with his dad for 5 hours! And they pulled out 4 garbage bails of weeds, yep, 4!  Good job honey.) This gardening business is definitely a lot of work, but we love it.


Yums! Anyone want some squash? What kind of puddings do you do?