Last week we added in Science! I was nervous about overloading our schedule for nothing…it is mostly outside play and fits in very easily. More preparation on my part though to read through everything and make sure I have all of the materials.  I imagine that it will be easier to prepare as I get accustomed to the set up.

Our book last week for Five in a Row was Goodnight Moon. Dexter is in love with the solar system right now, and we’ve just changed our night routine in the past few weeks on account of having a sibling bed (Charlotte was in a family bed before) so talking a lot about bedtime can only help, right?

Monday: We did All About Reading, read Goodnight Moon and talked about what we do before bed and started our animal classification cards (Charlotte loved those so much she hid them though….), did our math lesson (we started counting by tens and worked with equilateral triangles), and we did a nature walk and started a science journal. It had just finished raining so there was lots of things to talk about on our walk.


Aww, cute face!


Looks like he loves school.


Started journaling already? Amanda would frequently make her students journal – even in a math class!


I also found a copy of Draw, Write, Now! at a local thrift store for a quarter, and Dexter LOVES drawing the pictures from it. We talk about shapes and parallel/perpendicular lines as he draws. I use this as a reward for getting through the other school work.




Before lunch, he played some iPad games (Reading Raven and Native Numbers) since apparently all of that just wasn’t enough school time.

Tuesday: Dexter had his 4 year wellness appointment so we were gone most of the morning, but when we got home we did a fruit observation. I gave him a plum, peach, and nectarine and we talked about how they were the same and how they were different (activity in his science work for the day), then we did All About Reading. We finished up with some FIAR. I read Goodnight Moon again and gave him picture cards from their Fold&Learn (found on the FIAR blog) while we read. He found the picture as I said each thing in the story, then we played Memory with them afterwards (where a match was if they rhymed). We baked moon pies together to finish off our work (I modified the suggested recipe to use homemade marshmallow fluff without corn syrup…it has a lot of maple syrup in it so definitely more tan than white).


We (Starr Lily) is getting better at drawing inside the lines.


Mmm, I want these in my belly now!


Wednesday: the kiddos really wanted to play all morning, so we didn’t do school until around 2:30….so just math today, followed by reading Goodnight Moon with friends. I handed out the memory cards for the story so that each child had some words to listen for, then we made night skies out of black construction paper and star stickers. Dexter added a moon on to his (it HAD to be round and white…..I gave him a glitter pen to make it and  it wasn’t white enough, and he was upset that the alternate location didn’t allow him enough space…).  We also read Genesis 1:14-19.


Love how they know exactly what they want.


It has been NON STOP thunderstorms here.  I haven’t seen the sun in about a week, we are all going a little crazy.  Especially the dog, who has severe thunderstorm anxiety.  Feel free to share strategies on dealing with that…

Thursday:  A day off for the holiday!

Friday:   We did another lesson in AAR and Rightstart to finish out the week, and read Goodnight Moon once again.  This time, we tried focusing on just the color of the room and how it got darker, and read through again to look at the color of the window getting brighter (Dexter says it was because the moon moved up in the sky and lit it).  We watched a video of Goldilocks and the Three Bears on YouTube and compared it to the three bears sitting in chairs found in our story.  Then we read through Hey Diddle Diddle a few times.  I showed Dexter how we dressed up for Halloween as Hey Diddle Diddle in the past, and we looked at the page in Goodnight Moon of the cow jumping over the moon.


Cutest cow costume ever! And Char was so little!


Daddy had the day off so we also went bowling (we had planned to go to a baseball game and see fireworks, but rain just wouldn’t let up….)

How was your holiday week?  Did you get to see fireworks, or have LOTS of rain instead?