It’s done! The bathroom is done!! Well, 90% done. And maybe it’s been done for almost a week and I just now got around to taking pictures and writing about it…I guess I needed some time to enjoy having a second bathroom again.

Let’s go back to the before, shall we? We cannot forget where we started…

IMG_0686 IMG_0702

Ah yes. A little gold, a lot of brown tile, and mirrors galore.

Here’s what it looks like now:

IMG_0831 IMG_0832 IMG_0835 IMG_0836 IMG_0839IMG_0830

The cabinetry is all from ikea, as are the sinks, faucets, and towel holders. It looked pretty plain so I threw in some decorative touches stolen from other rooms until we can make this one look a little more lived in. The corner closet has adjustable shelf tracks with wood shelves that Doug whipped up. The open space below will house dirty laundry, some laundry bins that will hang there are in the works. I think my favorite part is how much easier this will be to keep clean. Except maybe under the cabinets, I am a little worried that Emmit-produced fur balls will often make their way there. The sink bases are a little taller than what we had before, and we splurged and got the medicine cabinets for above that have that shelf before the mirror starts….as a result, short people will probably hate the bathroom. I can’t see my shoulders in the mirror.

What all did we do? First, demolition. EVERYTHING went, including all of the drywall and most studs even.


The tile all got ripped out as well, along with that Throne Stage.



All new electrical was installed, including recessed lights, vanity lights, and under cabinet lights (still to be installed, since Doug accidentally purchased blue LEDs instead of clear…)

All new finish plumbing…the shower needed reworking on account of being a tub/shower before. According to the plumbing that is, no sane person would bathe there. And the sinks needed new plumbing behind since the drawers require everything to be more flush to the wall.

All new drywall, with paint and texture (the ceiling required sanding down too since we took out the walled in corner to put a closet…so drywall/studs on the closet work too)

All new tile. The floor tile is what we have throughout the entire house (except the kitchen and bathroom that haven’t been remodeled yet), glass mosaic and porcelain wall tile, and some clearance shower floor tile.

New vanities and plumbing fixtures.

New toilet flange since the old one was installed on the step.

No more mold! There was some serious mold going on in the shower (where the tile was busted and held on with tape) and below the vanity (a leak had rotted out the bottom).

I’ll try and share a budget breakdown maybe too, but as of now I believe we are under $3,000.

Still on our to-do list:

Sew a curtain for the closet opening (out of Braemore Gazebo Cloud)

Sew some custom laundry hampers for the closet

Order and install a glass shower door (we’ll live with the temporary curtain for now while we shop around and save up)

Seal the shower grout

Find/make some art for above the toilet?

Embellish the hand towels?

Install the second towel holder

Attach the under cabinet lighting

What do you think?