In just a few short weeks, my little girl will be turning three! It’s hard to believe that this tiny little peanut,


has grown into this adorable, talkative, inquisitive little toddler.


So much cuteness! I just want to squeeze and kiss her all the time, but now she sees me coming and screams “no mama!” and runs away laughing at me.  Yep, I’ve become that mom, haha.

August always seems to creep up on me, but this year I’m getting started early on the party preparations! We’re hosting a Luau and here’s your first sneak peak into the party decor!


I saw it on pinterest and had an old wreath laying around, so we put this bad boy together in a few minutes! Want to see how incredibly easy it was?

First, I ordered 144 mini umbrellas from Amazon, for $5.83. (Oh, we just became amazon prime members and love the fast and free delivery!)

Then I tracked down my old wreath – yeah, the one that made my front door look sad and gloomy before.


I pried off those pine cones and as much glue as I could and was left with this:


I started placing the mini umbrellas on the wreath and seriously the longest part was taking off the little rubber bands holding them closed.


Just place them where they look nice and that’s it!


First decoration done, yay!


Feels good to start crossing things off my party list. Can’t wait to show you what else I have planned. When do you start planning for your kids’ parties?