Working nicely on All About Reading.  They very much enjoy the craft sheets from My Book of Letters.


Emmit always chills out right here during school.


Love that they have their drinks right next to them!

Handwriting Without Tears in action.


Right Start Math….the interesting part is how well Dexter can work with what’s going on around him….zoom out….


Obviously, Char is plotting ways she can get the toys to attack Dex, without his noticing…

An animal picnic?


Story cards for We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (printables from here).  I helped him put them in order this time, but throughout the week he did them by himself.


We’re Going on Bear Hunt board game, also from

Dexter and Charlotte are both in LOVE with the book this week.  They want me to read it a few times, multiple times a day.  The board game came out again as a reward after dinner/clean up and before bed.


Deep in thought Dex
Char still plotting…

Charlotte has her counting bears and dots while Dexter matches the words to the picture.  He did it with no help, just used the beginning sound in each word to find the first letter.IMG_0842

Clipping the mini clothespins on the first letter of each word.

IMG_0847 IMG_0851

A hula hoop sectioned off a portion of the yard, and they used their magnifying glasses to get a close look at the natural community there.


Baking mini pizzas (part of science…learning about the community).  We also went on a nature hike and made an entry in our science journal for the week, and talked about different people who have different roles in the community (like firefighters, chefs, cashiers, etc).


Char told the toys Dex should hang around since he know his letters.


All About Reading letter N.  Charlotte looks like she might be trying to cheat.  We also got through letter O this week.


A sensory box for We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.  I used white beans, made grass by stapling cut foam sheets onto an uncut piece, forest from our train trees, snow from some random sparkly balls, the river is hair gel (double bagged), mud is play dough, and the cave is a mini bilibo.  We did have a brown bear but it went missing for a few days…we found it and replaced the polar bear.  They had fun acting out the story with their fingers (I let them watch the story on You Tube).


so cute!

A Right Start Math game.  Games are a huge part of the curriculum and he loves them all.


Dexter practicing entering numbers on the abacus by looking at the printed number.  I had Charlotte pick a number for him, bingo style, and try to call it out (so she got practice orienting them, and identifying them).  Numbers are from Confessions of a Homeschooler printables, mod podged onto milk bottle caps.


Mmm, how do I get some here?

Some bear claw cookies.  Just basic chocolate drop cookies with slivered almonds stuck in them.


We are definitely doing these soon!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!  On Friday, to end the week rowing the book, we had some friends over to go on a bear hunt together.  They all had a blast!

Charlotte models the homemade binoculars….toilet paper rolls, tape, and yarn.


Dex looks like he’s ready to find some bears.

Long Wavy Grass….


A Deep Cold River


Thick Oozy Mud


A big dark forest


Must be a fun texture! I want the recipe.

Swirling Whirling Snowstorm (made from Insta Snow…big hit)


Did they all fit in there?

A dark gloomy cave


We’re not going on a bear hunt again!

(Though they did….quite a few more times)



A bear mask craft after the hunt.  We also had a themed lunch, with spinach noodles for the grass, water for river, chocolate avocado pudding for mud, broccoli trees with ranch for the forest, cottage cheese snow, and rolls with bear cookies inside for the cave.

They definitely loved school this week!!