We usually have some eggs for breakfast in the morning for a good protein-y start to our day, but last week I ran out and didn’t have time to run to the store. I needed to come up with a quick and easy fix! Almond butter to the rescue. Here is the smoothie I whipped up!


Start with some spinach and milk.


Toss in some fruit – banana and blueberries that needed to get eaten soon.


mmm….so they just grind up in your blender? No need to do them separately??

Add the usual seeds – chia, hemp, and flax.

Starr Lil’s asked for more blueberries, so I added some frozen ones.


more blueberries is always a good call. smart girl.

And here comes the protein punch – almond butter and greek yogurt


delicious additions!!

Yum! Put a straw in it and enjoy.


This one came out extra creamy and was better eaten with a spoon.

What else do you eat for breakfast?