It seems I haven’t written a meal plan in a little while.  I do promise we still have been cooking and eating, not sure why I didn’t actually type out my meal plan.  Oh well, here’s what we are having this week, all based around great produce from our local farmers market and meat we have in the freezer:

Monday:  Herb crusted beef roast (our herb garden is doing very well), homemade mac and cheese, sauteed yellow squash, sweet potato rolls (I’ll probably leave off the glaze)

Tuesday:  Steak fajitas with homemade tortillas

Wednesday:  Parmesan herb crusted salmon (based off a kraft recipe, but I make my own breading), quinoa, sauteed swiss chard

Thursday:  Burgers on the grill (I add grated onion and garlic to our patties, along with other seasonings), baked beans, corn on the cob

Friday:  Stuffed Peppers (a favorite from growing up that I’ll try to recreate….my mom used bell peppers stuffed with beef and white rice, cooked in tomato soup….I’ll see if I can recreate it without Campbell’s and using brown rice….wish me luck)

Sorry there’s a lack of linked recipes….this week is apparently all coming from my head….

Orlando for the weekend!

What are you having this week?