After We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, I decided to do a less …exciting book? That’s not the right way to describe it….maybe more low key? Yes, a more low key Before Five in a Row book. Not every book lends itself well to a TON of extra activities, but this was still a very sweet book to read everyday.

Prayer for a Child is a simple prayer in the voice of the little girl in the book. I found my copy at our local library book sale for fifty cents! I’ve found quite a few FIAR titles there and at Salvation Army for very cheap. Anyway, the girl blesses everything around her (“Bless this milk and bless this bread”) in a cute rhyming prayer.

Most of the activities we did were straight out of the Before Five in a Row suggestions. I printed out the cycle of where milk comes from and where wheat for bread comes from and we talked about that process (though I had already taken him to the farm recently to see a cow being milked….he drinks a couple GALLONS of milk a week). I found a puzzle at the thrift store of children around the world and we talked about how they might look or dress differently.


Our verse for the week was “The Lord bless you and keep you” Numbers 6:24. Pretty easy to remember (and he loves recording himself and sending it to Grandma Nina so she can hear his weekly verse!).

We also talked a lot about the pictures in the book, and just read it a few times a day.

In other work, we did a few lessons each from Rightstart and All About Reading. Charlotte is really doing well recognizing all her letters and letter sounds! For science, we made a bug hotel and garbage viewer (both from Science Play). Our ‘chicks’ (still call them that, but they are pretty big now) were very suspicious of the bug hotel.


I still want chickens! Apparently quail are legal backyard animals here.

IMG_0956 IMG_0957

After the week was up, we pulled the bugs out and Dexter drew pictures of them and counted body parts for his journal.


I’m a little bit of a sissy and so I threw in some rubbing alcohol when he wasn’t looking so the bugs wouldn’t be everywhere…

The garbage viewer still needs a little time to make sense to him I think.


We will keep an eye on it in the next few weeks so he can make observations about the decomposition.

The theme of the week for science was ‘Our Neighbors’, so we also baked muffins and cookies to share with the neighbors, and I made a collage of the animals that visit our yard often (squirrels, gopher tortoises, herons, hawks, blue jays, cardinals, ibis, pigeons) so he could find them when he was outside. He REALLY loved that, until Charlotte ripped it. I’ll have to make him a laminated version. We also read books about the insect world.

Pretty low key week for us. Anyone else ever make a bug hotel or garbage viewer? I would love to hear about it! Have you read Prayer for a Child?