A few weeks (it might be months at this point), I decided I would start sewing more for myself, and committed to make SOMETHING on that particular day.  I dragged out all the patterns and fabrics, bugged Drea to help me decide, and landed on the Taking Notes skirt out of some Lisette Collection floral sateen I had.  Since it drapes very softly I thought it would be good for a full skirt that wouldn’t make me look too full.

I set out, cut out all my pieces, made the waistband, all is going well. I’m noticing as I’m sewing that this tutorial is not a beginner project, but I’m not a beginner.  I can handle this, right?  Sigh.  Anyway, I get the waistband done and try it on, and it overlaps by a lot (pretty sure it’s not supposed to overlap at all).  Of course there are no size guidelines in the tutorial.  Why didn’t I even consider that it wouldn’t be my size?  Anyway, picked it apart, sewed again, decided that it was close enough to the right size to add on the skirt.

On to the skirt portion.  I really wanted it to be full, so I decided to do two full widths of the fabric I had (so around 90″ around).  I cut it, sewed up the sides using french seams (thought it would look a little more finished than serged seams), gathered the top, pinned it to the waistband….got it all sewn up, went to turn it…I somehow made a möbius strip.  It took me a good 15 minutes to accept that it wasn’t going to turn right side out and something got fouled up.  No pictures, since I was in a throwing mood at this point.  Apparently I had sewn one of the side seams of my giant pieces twisted.  I had to pick apart the entire waistband (and anyone who has gathered and sewn a waistband on knows how angry that can make someone) and take apart the side seam (which I decided to just cut, since my patience was wearing thin).  I got it all fixed and sewn back together without the twist.  Tried it on.  The waistband gaps.  Of course, I never really did nail down that fit properly.  The bottom of the tall waistband fits nice and tight, but the top gaps open.  In case I want to use it as a pocket or crumb-catcher I guess (which I just realized, I desperately wanted to add pockets to this and didn’t….don’t think that’s happening).  I cried to my mom for awhile, and set it aside for a few weeks.

Determined to finish it up, and determined to make something I would actually wear, I revisited the skirt.  Since the waist still overlapped a little .  My mom suggested I use the buttons to cinch it just right instead of darts, then I can do a buttonhole for the tie to pop through the waistband.  At least I had a plan, and the buttons placed this way would hold that gaping top closed.  During this meeting of the minds, she popped one of the elastic loops I had sewn in out.  After much more stitch ripping and under my breath cursing, I cut off both elastic loops and opted for conventional buttons and buttonholes, using some wood flower buttons I had laying around.  The invisible zipper is in there and went in very nicely, and is so invisible that you can’t really see it in any pictures.  Think of it as a Where’s the Zipper game.

So here’s the finished skirt.  If you don’t like it, I probably don’t want to hear it.  Nice comments are the only variety I can probably handle.  I’ll also accept any styling suggestions (I have dreams of sewing up some great white blouse and making a wood bead necklace….).  Also, please admire my super awesome dress form I found in the clearance section of Joanns.  The chevron cover zips off and it can be plain muslin, or a floral cover.  And it just happens to be my measurements.  Well, really close anyway.  If I just lose an inch or two in the waist and hips…


Dress form envy! Love the chevron.



Maybe undoing a french seem is a right of passage for all sewing-for-yourself projects!


Mobius strip and all, I love the style and the fabric!

I’m sure sewing for myself will get easier with time, right? Why is kids sewing so much easier?!  Doubtful that I will do the matching skirt for Charlotte, but I do have about a half yard left….I’m thinking she might get a cute blouse.  Any ideas?