If you’re a regular reader (do we have those?) then you might know that I sewed up a Carousel Top from The Train to Crazy in the past and though it gets worn often, it is hard to pop Charlotte’s head through.  Looking back, I think I cut out an 18month instead of a 2T.  Whoops.  Charlotte still wears 12m tops from stores, but I should have gone by measurements for the pattern.

I cut out a 2T this time, and decided on the button hole option just in case.  This one came out really cute and fits great!!  Plus, it’s one of her favorites so she actually wears it, instead of screaming at me when I try to force her into it.


Agh! She’s getting so big. And those shoes… adorbs!

I got Charlotte all dressed up to take pictures (which if anyone has attempted this in the past, understands how uncooperative Little Bit can be when you want her to do something, especially if it involves touching her hair) and then realized the camera had gone missing (Hubby….*fist shake*).  So I used cell phone pics, sorry about that.  The show must go on, and I wasn’t getting her dressed up again another day.  I don’t know anything about the fabric (I bought a lot of knit fabric from a local mom who used to make cloth diapers) and the button is from my mom’s collection.


Braids?! Haha, you were just asking for it.

It sewed up in about an hour…I did opt to leave the sleeves and bottom unhemmed since the lightweight jersey just rolls a little and I don’t mind the raw edged look.  With the super lightweight jersey fabrics I’m always worried that whatever hem I do will look worse than just leaving it alone.


Are those tomatoes? Some deer ate mine. That’s right, deer.

Oh sheesh….can you tell she wore it a few times before I got around to taking pictures?  I should have pressed it….

Anyone sew anything for Kid’s Clothes Week?