My children have too much clothing. Dexter gets lots of hand me downs, Charlotte is easy to shop for and doesn’t size up very quickly…I really only have to wash their clothes like once a month. It’s a little out of hand….so I’m concentrating on filling my closet. I could just not sew, but I could use some new clothes. I’m a sale shopper, so I tend to just buy random items, and not really build a wardrobe. Classic mom move, not spending money on herself, right? I have, however, purchased a lot of fabric with plans to sew something up for myself out of it. It’s time to get moving on that!!

I decided I wanted to tackle a peplum top. If When I ever tackle that, I’ll maybe explain why that was such a need, but when I went to cut out the pattern pieces (Lisette 1666), I just got tired looking at it. I didn’t feel like cutting out that many pattern pieces, I wanted to just sew something and have it done. That’s when I noticed that the pencil skirt in the pattern was only two pattern pieces. TWO! I can handle that. So I went with a pencil skirt instead, and got to work.

I made Charlotte this dress awhile ago. I am in love with it, and will one day force it upon a grandchild of mine. It doesn’t fit her anymore, but it’s still one of my favorites.

I didn’t purchase the fabric to make that dress, it just sort of happened that way….the fabric was a clearance purchase from Joanns, with plans to make myself something. I grabbed the extra, thinking pencil skirt in some glen plaid, perfect! Then I went to cut out the TWO pieces…not enough fabric. Darn. I still wanted the skirt out of that fabric….I knew I couldn’t just buy more, so I came up with the crazy brilliant idea to add some black lace panels down the side seams. Lace is totally big right now, right? I used black poplin to line the lace and for sanity’s sake, decided to only add the black lace to the front side pieces, and not make new pattern pieces to create these new side panels and turn this simple skirt into a huge disaster. Aesthetically, I’d probably have preferred that the black pieces wrapped around more, but I’m still happy with it.


I used black ribbon for the top waistband and decided to just leave the ends longer and tie it instead of using a hook and eye. I did a blind hem on the bottom, cutting the lace instead of hemming it in to show the scalloped edge. Subtle, but I know it’s there.


The fit is a little tight…of course, I don’t really know how to make clothes that fit me yet. I’ll get there.


It did only take an afternoon to sew up though, even with me over-complicating it with the side panels.

Up next….dress? Yet another skirt? Peplum top?

We’ll see 🙂