I’m a huge Project Runway fan….and then became a Project Run&Play fan and try to sew along as much as I can….and now there’s Project Sewn, too!  Phew.

When they announced the Coffee Date Dress Sewalong, I knew I had to be in.  I have never made myself a dress, and as evidenced in the past few projects I’ve sewn for myself, I might not have been ready for it.  But I tackled the dress anyway 🙂



So it’s not so impressive on the form, but it does fit me quite nicely.  Bonus, the straps actually cover bra straps perfectly.   Actually it looks really sad in that picture….poo.  I went with blue chambray from the Lisette collection at Joanns and used white denim for the facings (I didn’t bother to interface them since the denim was stiff enough as is).  I wanted to use only stuff I had just in case it didn’t turn out at all…also the reason I didn’t do the ruffle.  I might add some embellishment to the bodice later…still thinking exactly what I want.  It is a very comfortable and versatile dress though.

IMG_1062 IMG_1067 IMG_1068

Yeah, that’s the wrinkliest white cardi on earth.



I was a little worried that darts coming up that high would make for some awkward pointiness, but it does look nice and lay nice on.  Side note…I think it’s time I broke down and bought a sewing ham…



There were no hook and eyes to be found.  I’ll have to raid my mom’s sewing box later and add one.  Ignore that the waistband doesn’t match up perfectly.



For the hem, I used some single fold bias tape to make a facing, and then just stitched it in place.

My very first homemade dress for myself!!