Yep, that’s right, doggies, we have multiple doggies.


And all these pups need nice, comfy, plushy beds to sleep on.  But have you seen the price of dog beds in pet stores? Ridic. Really.  So we just make our own! We use the three inch thick foam from Joann’s (make sure you use your 50% coupon!) and some outdoor canvas-sy material.


With the fabric right sides together, pin it around the foam.  You’ll want it a little tight. Then take a pen and mark where you’ll sew.


To make the corner just pinch and fold the fabric so it folds around and draw another line where you’ll sew, like this:


Pull out the foam and stitch it up on the lines you drew. That corner line is a little tricky, but just fold it and sew too.


Before flipping it inside out, I went ahead and hemmed the raw edges so I could stick some Velcro on them. It always makes washing the covers easy when you can just pop out the foam and throw the covers in the washing machine!


Then flip it inside out and marvel at the corner!


Almost finished!! Slide (or shove) the foam back into cover and slap some sticky Velcro on the open edge.


I ran one more line if stitching over the Velcro, just to make sure it stayed in place and that’s it!


Now the doggies can sleep comfy again!  Carson was happy about it, but still doesn’t understand why he has to share with the little one, haha.


Have you made doggie beds before?