Back to school time is insanity.  I like getting into an established routine, but I am not in love with feeling so busy all the time.  My schedule for the fall….I teach two nights a week, Bible study one night, church another night, then the kids have Awanas once a week.  So that leaves two nights a week that I am not out of the house.  Two.  Out of seven.  It feels insane, right?  Meal plans will reflect that…there will be a lot of meals that I can throw together quickly, or have very little clean up.  My first week of work I came home to no dinner on the table, despite leaving clear instructions to hubby on what he needed to do to finish things up.  I ended up just doing it myself, so I guess I’ll prepare for that…I can get any prep done for dinner before I go and be ready to finish it up and get it on the table when I get home from work.

Here’s what we are eating this week….

Monday:  Tandoori Chicken over quinoa with steamed broccoli, homemade naan

Tuesday:  Slow Cooker Braised Chicken Thighs (adding potatoes in to the slow cooker, too)

Wednesday:  Pork Ragu, salad

Thursday:  Grilled Shrimp, Orzo Pasta with Spinach and Parmesan

Friday:  Korean Beef over brown Basmati rice  (I’ll add in broccoli, too)

Saturday:  Huge food truck rally!

How does your week look?