I was looking through my pictures the other day, actually, a couple months ago and I found a bunch of pictures that I hadn’t taken. Mostly they were shots of the fan and of blurry little hands and fingers but every once in a while I saw a good one like this.
She has a good eye, right?!
I’m not in the habit of letting Starr Lil’s play with my phone, and I even have it passworded (is that a word?) so she can’t use it. But my iPhone has that go-straight-to-the-camera-with-the-slide-of-a-button option and that’s how all these pictures were taken.
She really knows how to capture some cute moments though.
Sometimes I’ll hear her telling Stone to say cheese or her stuffed animals to smile.


I love seeing what draws her attention and even though the pictures may have been more accidental before, they definitely have more purpose now.


She sure loves her feet!

Do your littles have a camera?