Ever since we moved in, Morgan has wanted to tear down walls and make our house have that open-concept feel, but the wall he wants to tear down is load bearing and, well, expensive to remove.  So the next best thing is to remove this hanging set of cabinets that gets in his way. I wish I had a better before picture, but you can see it here.


The hubs is kinda tall and apparently this little set of cabinets is was the bane of his existence.  You think I’m exaggerating, but every weekend for the last 2 years he has asked me if we could just tear it down.   He claims that it constantly blocked his view and (I’m not kidding) he felt the cabinet actually lunged at him and hit him in the head anytime he bent down near it. It must not have been fun…

But we couldn’t just take it down! It had valuable kitchen storage! Where was I to put all our bowls and cups and things? And then last weekend, Morgan had a brilliant idea. Just move the cabinet! Shift it over to the other side of the dining room and we wouldn’t lose any storage. There are four cabinets, so we could hang two on the wall and place the other two underneath to make a little counter.  He was on a roll and just went with it.  In just a few minutes we had this.


We had to do a little research on how to remove cabinets and found that we needed to take off all the doors and all the trim to find hidden screws.


We knew we’d need to reuse some of the trim, so we were extra careful taking it off.  And then they were down!


I know I was hesitant, but the lack of cabinets really does make our kitchen feel a whole lot bigger! My only requirement was that I have a functioning kitchen while we did this, so before we go patching up any drywall, we needed to reinstall the cabinets since the dining room table was storing our stuff, ha!


Taking down the cabinets was one thing, but putting them back up required yet a little more research! We have this Home Depot book that was gifted to us and it is never far whenever we tackle a project.   I like having pretty books around and this one is an eye sore, but even I have been caught skimming through it and learning interesting tidbits.


Well, after doing some measurements, finding studs, drawing on the walls and cutting some wood, Morgan made a ledger to sort of “prop up” the cabinet and then secure it to the studs.


Putting in the bottom piece was a little trickier.  We had to remove shoe molding and cut some custom pieces to fit around the base board, use some shims and level it, but it finally fit in perfectly.


I’m pretty happy with it!


It’s not quite finished yet though.  The doors have to go back on, some light sanding, repainting, and a counter top too.  Not to mention restocking it! But it’s almost done.

I just love actually getting projects done.  This one wasn’t even on our list, but it certainly makes hubs happy every time he walks in the kitchen! Do you have any projects that you tackle spontaneously?