That’s right, I’m brewing some kombucha.


I feel like I’m one step closer into awesomely crazy-crunchy mom world, but I’m loving it, ha! Have you tried kombucha? It’s full of good probiotics and is also tastey and fizzy, win-win! I suppose some people aren’t too fond of the yeasty flavor, but I like it. It almost reminds of hard cider… almost. But buying kombucha can be pricey and some of my friends are making their own so I knew I could get my hands on some SCOBY (more on that in a bit) to make my own.

There are a ton of how-to videos out there, so I’ll just direct you to one I like from Cultures for Health and instead tell you how ours is turning out. Here’s a quick recap: first, brew some tea (I had 6 bags of Lipton’s) and steep it with a cup of sugar. Add the SCOBY and enough water to fill a gallon jar and let it sit for a week on the counter. Pretty easy, no?

The only thing that has taken me a while is finding just the right container. Apparently plastic and metal containers are a no go so we need to stick to glass to keep the bacteria and yeast happy. I wanted to do two ferments to flavor the kombucha so I needed to find bottles for that too.

I ended up buying this and this from crate and barrel (they had a great sale!) and then used some pint and half pint canning jars that I had on hand. I also bought some extra goodies, but they aren’t necessary! Cuppow makes a lid to add to the canning jars so you could drink from it and I like using a straw so I bought these stainless steel straws too. It makes drinking my kombucha a little fancy and fun!

I was able to pick up a SCOBY from my friend (thanks Pamm!) before my jars arrived and was so excited to start making a brew that I just used the largest glass container I had on hand. It has the plastic/metal dispenser, but it didn’t affect it at all.


So back to the SCOBY. SCOBY is an acronym for Sybiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast and is pretty gnarly looking.


The bacteria and yeast live off of the sugar and ferment the tea into some yummy, healthy fizziness! It feels a bit squishy, and after each original ferment, you grow another SCOBY to share with your friends! I’ve read you can give it to your doggies as a treat or compost it for the garden too.

After the tea has sat on your counter for a week, then you can rebottle it and add some flavorings to make it extra fizzy. I added clementine segments and ginger to this batch.


I muddled it up, added the fermented tea, put the lids on and let them sit on the counter for another two days. Ok, I didn’t really let them sit there, I had one every day and noticed how much fizzier and tangier it got. They were all yummy! And Starr Lil’s loves it too! I also tried strawberries and it was amazing.

Here is the only warning – true story, my sister made a batch and the pressure from the second ferment exploded a bottle and kombucha went flying all over her kitchen. I still chuckle imagining her cleaning kombucha off of the ceiling. So you might want to refrigerate the second ferment after two days, just in case!


I’m excited to try some different flavors soon, like apple cinnamon, and I just found a recipe for spicy chocolate!

Up next on my fermenting adventure… water kefir! Have you tried some of these yummy/healthy fermented foods?