What?  I have a blog?!?  So I haven’t written in …forever.  I have a theory that I can do about 3 things well consistently (school with kids, my job teaching community college, cooking meals, cleaning house, writing for the blog, cleaning house, sewing, gardening, spending time with friends….) so at any given point in time, only 3 of those are going well and the rest, not so much.  School with the kiddos has been going great, and I’ve been cooking consistently…the other tasks all get to take a turn briefly. Sometimes the other tasks just fall off the radar completely….

The hubby went out of town for two weeks at the same time my mom was out of town for a month, which also coincided with me starting back to teaching, so life was put on hold a little bit.  Well, maybe not life, but just the regularly scheduled program.  We have been back into a good routine for a few weeks though so no real excuse on not posting.

I’ve found this semester that it’s easier for me to just cook a meal that takes 30 minutes or less than for me to make the entire meal for the hubby to finish while I’m at work.  Why?  Because I came home a few times to find dinner not made/finished because he didn’t read my note.  Plus, I only like so many crock pot meals.

This week’s plan:

Monday:  Spinach and Cheese Calzones from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day <—meatless!

Tuesday:  Homemade Individual Chicken Pot Pies (I will make these in advance and hope Hubby puts them in the oven while I’m at work)  Here’s a recipe if you need one.  I’ll be changing up the veggies based on what we have.  I’ll make a simple salad to go alongside.

Wednesday:  Slow Cooker Shredded Beef Tacos, with guacamole (thanks to Drea’s mom hooking me up from her avocado tree) and some queso fresco, also some quick Spanish rice.

Thursday:  Pork Ragu over fettuccine (I LOVE this sauce.  one of my favorites….last time I made it Doug was out of town, so I froze enough for us to have for another meal….all I have to do is defrost it, heat it up, and cook some pasta). salad.

Friday:  Parmesan Crusted Salmon over Orzo with Spinach Pesto (maybe I’ll take pics and write up the recipes for both of these.  Family favorites around here)

Saturday:  Out with friends!

Sunday:  Meatball subs, using up red sauce from Monday (I made a giant batch of meatballs awhile back and froze in meal sized portions), salad

That’s it!!  Lots of variety this week with very little effort…should be a good one 🙂