KCW day 2 started out with 1) Thinking about sewing for the kids  2) Realizing that finishing up Halloween costumes made much more sense….so I made a wig for Hubby.  Fail on kid’s sewing, but WIN that Halloween is DONE!  Anyway, here’s an older project that I haven’t shared yet 🙂


I had a strange urge to sew up a peplum top the other day. I think it came from me finally realizing what a peplum was (I really thought it was fabric….realizing now I was mixing it up with poplin) and project runway bringing it up a lot. Or maybe they only said peplum once and it just echoed in my mind. I wasn’t really a fan of the look because maybe it reminded me of clowns, but i guess it grew on me. Whatever. I have a lot of pencil skirts though and love pencil skirts, but sometimes I have a hard time wearing them. Tight on top and tight on bottom is just a bit much, right? So a versatile peplum top would solve everything. I tried on a few in stores, they all flared out like ON my ribcage. Not so flattering. My goal in wearing a peplum top would be to accentuate the waist, minimize hips….not look like an empire dress that fell. So I pulled out Lisette 1666 and decided I’d tackle my own. That’s when I got distracted and made yet another pencil skirt. For fabric, I wanted it to go with a variety of things but still be interesting, so I decided on basic white cotton with a little stretch and a lace overlay. I did make a muslin since I’ve never made a fitted top before, but I managed to screw up the muslin so badly sewing pieces together upside down or in the wrong places that I just threw it out and decided to tackle it with the actual fabric instead, wishing for the best.


I lost a little along some seams because the lace didn’t always match up and behave. I also managed to slice into it with my serger blade along a shoulder, so that had to be taken in to hide that mistake…..but other than that, I like it. I am still pretty nervous about wearing it….like it screams “I made this myself!”


What do you think? Anyone else as horrible at muslins as me?