It was time that I sewed something for the little man….it seems Charlotte gets 4 things for every one of his lately.  I printed and cut out a few pdf patterns and he was intrigued, so I let him come over and choose what he wanted.  We had purchased green corduroy together while we were rowing Corduroy with plans to make overalls for his bear and pants for him (side note, homeschool is going great–I should write an update!), but it didn’t happen yet…I was sure he would pick the green corduroy pants, but no.  He picked underwear.  I did want to try the pattern out and him asking for it might have been the extra kick I needed, so I let him pick some fabrics and got started.IMG_1093

I went with the Undercover Bottoms Boxer Briefs Pattern from Fishsticks Designs.  I have made Tinkle Time Trainers for both kiddos in the past, and even made underwear versions of them, but there are A LOT of pattern pieces, so it can be a little tedious.  No step is difficult, but it’s just a lot of cutting.


I purchased both the boxer briefs and the little fishies undies in hopes that I would make more cute underwear for the kids without being so intimidated by the 16 pattern pieces.  It seems the store bought underwear tends to stretch out and fade pretty quickly….or my kids are rough on it.  But yes, it is definitely something easier purchased than made.

That being said, the boxer briefs did sew up in about 30 minutes, including cutting, while holding a child and explaining to another child all about how a serger and sewing machine work.  I did use the serger the whole time (except for the topstitching) so it was fast.

I really love the fit, since underwear seems to come in 2t-3t and 4t-5t, and the former is too tight and latter is super loose, but he says they are too tight and refuses to wear them.  I guess he’s a boxer kinda guy. What do you think?  Worth it to make yourself?