Are the leaves changing where you live? Having grown up in Florida, I’m used to greenery and soaking up the sun on the beach through December but I absolutely love having actual seasons here! Everything is the perfect shade of orange and red and yellow.
But with this display of colors comes colder weather and that means sniffly noses and little coughs aren’t far away. All of a sudden I feel everyone around here is getting sick. Several of our friends have coughs and/or fevers and it seems to be spreading, eek! So before we come down with something I wanted to boost our immune system and hope that it just skips us this time. Fingers crossed! We’ve been taking some extra vitamin C but I wanted something more, something yummy and healthy, something with cold fighting powers mixed in. Chicken noodle soup it is.

We normally buy whole chickens and if I don’t use the carcass right away, I freeze it for stock or soup. This was the perfect time to use one up. This past weekend Morgan also closed up our garden and pulled the last of the carrots. These little guys were definitely making it into the soup!


I started with the base of onions, celery and cute garden carrots (plus some extra from the store).


Then I added 8 cups of water, the chicken bones from a yummy roasted chicken and some herbs.


I had some sage, basil, oregano, and thyme from the garden and found some bits of bay leaves in the pantry.  I tossed it all in, let it boil, then reduced to a simmer for about an hour.  Right before we were ready to eat, I removed the bones, and added some pasta.  A few pinches of salt later, lunch was served!


One of Starr Lily’s favorite things is having picnics in the living room, so we got cozy on the floor and gobbled up some delicious and immune boosting soup! Even Baby Koala Bear got a spot at our picnic.


Is there something you like to eat to keep your family healthy?