What what, a meal plan?!? Turns out being done with the school semester frees up some time, even if it’s crazy holiday season.

Here’s what we’re having this week!

Sunday: Massaman Curry (I’ve been craving Thai food for awhile…)
Monday: Steaks on the grill with Sweet Potato Gnocchi in brown butter sage sauce (a friend had a huge crop of sweet potatoes this year so we had a gnocchi freezing date)
Tuesday: Lasagna (going with meatless this time, with lots of spinach mixed in the cheese layer, and homemade red sauce), salad
Wednesday: Man-pleasing Chicken (I’ll make extra to use in the soup for Friday) with leftover sides (I’ve got some broccoli and mashed potatoes in the fridge)
Thursday: Honey Lime Tilapia with confetti couscous
Friday: Chicken Noodle Soup with biscuits

PLUS lots of cookie baking this week!! What do you have planned?