A little about the moms behind Deriving Mommyhood….

Drea and Amanda met in a math education class in college. They both ended up with undergraduate degrees in math and masters in education and found themselves eventually teaching at the same high school.
Their lives revolved around making math fun and accessible by creating games like “Function Charades”  or writing storybooks on Pythagoras and competing for the best collection of shoes (Drea probably won that one)

Feel free to gift us shoes….

They even married two engineers who graduated college together…


Yup, they graduated in the days where printed pictures were normal. And yes, that’s an airplane on Doug’s head.

Life took them in separate directions…


but they were able to work together again as online math teachers.

Math is Addictive

In 2009,


The Joneses….er, Jones’….hrm. The Jones Family.

and 2010,


The Stevens Family

they made the leap into mommyhood and soon decided raising these kiddos was “greater than or equal to” teaching calculus everyday. This enabled them to pursue their passions in perfecting homemaking, sewing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, schooling, and raising their children (hopefully not in that order).
This blog is their excuse to hang out online together once again and share their projects with each other and the blogisphere!

Find Amanda on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/derivingmommyhood/