Rebecca Page announced she was making a new trench coat pattern….with detachable hood….and I needed it. It’s perfect for Irish rainy weather. But, I didn’t want to tackle one for myself while pregnant….so I decided Charlotte NEEDED a trench coat. Plus, as of now she only has a puffy ski jacket and hoodies, so it’s nice to have something a bit fancier, right?


I’ve paired it with the Arabella skirt, also from Rebecca Page

I had to make it red after seeing inspiration on Pinterest. Totally way less useful, but a red trench. C’mon. I went with red twill from Dress Fabrics, then decided the key to make her wear it was to make it cozy and warm (she takes after her dad and is cold ALL the time) so I got some thin microfleece from Joanns (back when I was visiting the states…ah, easy shopping). For fun, I used some polka dot poplin for lining pockets, hood and yokes (that came from my local store, Quilt Yarn Stitch).


So I tackle this jacket, that has an absolutely ridiculous number of pattern pieces thanks to so many options, so printing and assembling the pattern alone took me a couple days…and try it on her, she says it’s too snug. Yeah, it’s fitted through shoulders and arms like a coat would be and all she wears is soft stretchy stuff, so makes sense that she is not liking the feel. Boo. So I decide to line the sleeves in poly lining fabric to make it easier to get on and off and less bulky. I should say that she measures a 3/4 in Rebecca Page patterns through the chest, but 7/8 for height. I cut a 5/6 though to give her more ease, adding the 7/8 length. If I had it to do over I’d do a 7/8 all over though for extra roominess, especially since I went with a bottom weight for the outer and heavier lining as well. Luckily she’s having a little sister. If you look at the fit on the shoulders, I’d say it measures accurately for the pattern…just a combo of heavy weights and her liking stretchy, loose clothes.

IMG_5663 (2)

All in all, I love it. I love all the details. I did both front and back yokes, welt pockets (was going to do patch but thought they were a little thinner than I’d prefer) and the hood of course for rain purposes. Also, the longest length (there’s a coat cut length as well).


The directions, as always for her patterns, were very easy to follow. There’s something like 100 pages so there’s no confusing steps at all for such a complex pattern. There are, however, so many buttons. So much hand sewing. Good for sitting in front of a movie to finish it off 🙂 Pattern is here and also comes in ladies and doll sizes.